Free Duplicate File Finder Software

When lots of duplicate files pile up in your computer and consume huge disk storage, your computer will run slower than usual and probably you don't have enough disk space to store documents, photos, video, and music files. You need to find a software to find and remove duplicate files in your computer, no matter your computer is a Windows PC or Mac.


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What is the best free duplicate file finder software?

After a duplicate file finder software review and comparison, we recommend Duplicate Filter, which is the best free duplicate file remover software to help you to quickly find and remove the unnecessary redundant files on your computer. It can effectively free up disk space of your desktop or laptop. After fast locating duplicate files in your hard drives, this duplicate file freeware will batch delete all the repeated files, and as a result, speed up your computer

Is it a true free duplicate finder ?

Duplicate Filter is an absolutely free duplicate finder program for Windows and Mac computers. The shareware has two versions: one is freeware version that allows users to scan and find duplicate files; the other is professional version that enables you to remove all duplicate files found after the fast scan. Actually, the free version finder software also lets you eliminate 10 duplicated files at a time, so that you are able to easily clean up some duplicate files after scanning your hard disks. This feature in the free duplicate file finder app allows you to have free trial of the pro version.

This duplicate file finder freeware doesn't have any pop-up ads or hidden cost. Unlike other open source duplicate file finder applications, Duplicate Filter offers very reliable methods to find and delete duplicate files. You can scan those double files by different multiple approaches, which include name+size, name+CRC, etc., and don't need to do any coding work and compile the software. Therefore, it is a safe and clean duplicate file freeware. If you don't have any budget to buy duplicates finder tool, please download Duplicate Filter from this site, which is a real gratis duplicate file finer software product.

Not only a free duplicate file finder....

Definitely, users can upgrade the free version to the Pro version in order for deleting more than ten files simultaneously. Is the cost of this duplicate file finder and remover cheap or expensive? Very affordable! Please go to the Buy Now page to view the price of the duplicate finder program. You will be suprised with the low price, particularly after you download and test the powerful duplicate file

cleaner software. So, if you need to efficiently find and remove unwanted duplicate documents, photos/pictures/images, music, video, and other kinds of files, you may choose the Professional edition of Duplicate Filter, that is a great and low cost duplicate fle finder and remover.


Where will you use this duplicate file finder freeware ?

Free duplicate photo finder - Duplicate Filter can find duplicate photos, pictures, or images in your computer. Even if you have millions of duplicate photos needed to be identified, the software tool can quickly scan and find out all the duplicate pictures, no matter their formats are png, jpeg (jpg), gif, bmp, or ico. The free duplicate picture finder can compare different kinds of images by using CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Checksum), which can exactly analyze and compare the pictures even if their file names and modified time are different. With this free image file finder, you are able to identify those unwanted duplicate images that occupy huge size of your hard disk storage.


Free duplicate video finder - The sizes of video clips or files usually are very large. Some duplicate video file finders will spend a lot of time to scan video files by CRC one by one, then you need to wait for hours to get the results if you need to compare many video files. Duplicate Filter is much better than other duplicates finders. It offers an advanced method, "CRC Sampling" option, to let users find out duplicate video clips cost-efficiently. This smart way will just get some main samples of the video files for CRC analysis, so the process is faster than using a usual comprehensive CRC analysis. So, if you have many large files, such as .avi, .wma, .rmvb,.rm, .flash,.mp4,.mid, 3GP, etc. and you need to remove some duplicates to free up the computer hard drives, Duplicate Filter is the best free duplicate video file finder and remover for you.


Free duplicate music finder - Duplicate music files also waste your disk space. To find duplicates among tons of files, you also need a free dulicate music file finder to search all duplicates including MIDI files (*.mid, *,midi, *.rmi, *.kar), MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, FLAC, APE, MPC and VOX files. Especially, people usually download a lot of mp3 files from internet, sometimes they download duplication files repeatedly, identical mp3 files will eat up the space of your hard disks. A free duplicate mp3 finder software program is very helpful for you to locate these unnecessary files that are same. Duplicate Filter can be your first choice as the duplicate music finder freeware can help find them and easily clean up unwanted music files.


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Duplicate file finder free download

Here is the free download link of Duplicate Filter:


Both Windows and Mac versions are available on the above download page.

The download software package comes with a permanent free version of this duplicate file finder software.

If you want to upgrade the Free version to Professional version, which is powerful and relatively low-priced, please purchase a license on Duplicate Filter Buy Now webpage.

For more information about the difference between Free version and Professional version of duplicate file finder software, please visit the following web page url: