Free Duplicate File Remover Software

You need to remove duplicate files on computer if tons of duplicated files occupy your hard drives and you want to free up hard disks. your PC or Mac computer will run faster after decreasing the file count and size of disk usage. A powerful free duplicate file remover software product will help you clean up unwanted repeated files and improve your computer's capability and performance.


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Duplicate Filter is the best free duplicate file finder software.

A professional duplicate file remover software review indicates Duplicate Filter is the best free duplicate file remover software to remove duplicate files on your computer after it quickly scan and find duplicate files. It can heavily decrease many unnecessary files on your PC or Mac. After checking duplicate files in your hard disks, this duplicate remover freeware will batch remove all the double files you selected so that your computer run faster and will have more disk space.


Duplicate file remover free download

You can get the free download software package of Duplicate Filter from:


There are free download packages for Windows and Mac OS respectively.


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After installing the download software package, you will have a permanent free version of the duplicate file remover software.

The duplicate file remover freeware allows you to batch delete up to 10 duplicate files at a time.


You may upgrade the Free version to Pro version by paying a flat price, in order to remove many duplicate files simultaneously, please purchase a license on Duplicate Filter Buy Now page.

Why choose Duplicate Filter as your file duplicate remover?

Firstly, Duplicate Filter is an absolutely free duplicate file remover program for Windows and Mac computers. The shareware has two versions: one is freeware version that allows users to find duplicate files and then delete up to 10 identical files; the other is the pro version that allows you to remove all duplicate files found after the quick folder scan. If you have millions of dupe files you wish to eliminate, you better buy the professional edition in order for batch removing duplicate files efficiently.


This duplicate file remover freeware will not pop out any ads that you need to close. As you know, some open source duplicate file remover applications will claim you can permanently use the duplicate file remover free, but actually they will give you some annoying ads, or there is some extra cost when you request the removal of thes ads. Duplicate Filter is a true duplicate remover freeware product that provide effective methods to remove duplicate files after finding them. You can search the duplication or double files by different ways or the combination of several modes. These mode include name, size, CRC, and son on. So, this software tool is a clean and safe duplicate file removal freeware. If you don't pay a cent to purchase duplicates remover tool, you may download Duplicate Filter software package from this official website. The gratis duplicate file remover software is a handy and easy tool to clean up your unwanted files in your computer.

Certainly, free version users may upgrade their program to the Pro version in order for removing more than 10 files at a time. The price of this duplicate files remover is cheap enough for anyone because the cost is really affordable even if you are just student. After buying the duplicate remover program at the low price, you will feel the duplicate file deleter software is quite helpful and worthy to put its program icon on your desktop. When you need to quckly find and erase unnecessary duplicate files, inlcuding music, video, photos, pictures/images, and any other kinds of files, you may buy the Professional version of Duplicate Filter, that is one of the powerful but low cost duplicate fle removers.


What can this duplicate file remover freeware do ?

Free duplicate video remover - Most duplicate video file removers will take a long time to compare video files by CRC one by one because the video files or clips are usually very large, then you must have patient to wait for the results if the tool must scan many video files. Unlike these slow duplicates removers, Duplicate Filter works faster by using advanced file scan technology which is called "CRC Sampling. Users can discover duplicate video clips efficiently without checking all file contents by CRC. This fast method will only take some major samples of the video files for CRC checking, so the process is much faster than the approasch using full CRC analysis. So, if you have many large vedio files, like .rmvb, .rm, .avi, .wma, .flash, .mp4, .mid, 3GP, and you want to remove some duplicates to free up your hard drives on computer, Duplicate Filter software is the best free duplicate video file remover for you to have a try.


Free duplicate photo remover - Duplicate Filter software can find and delete duplicate pictures, photos, or images on your computer system no matter it is a Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC or a MAC computer. Even though you have thousands of duplicate photos for cleanup, the software tool can quickly find all the duplicate images, no matter their formats are gif, bmp, png, jpeg /jpg, or ico. The free duplicate picture remover can analyze different types of images by using CRC, which will precisely discover the double pictures even if only their file names and modified time are not the same. With this free image file remover, you can find those unwanted duplicate images that occupy you much computer disk storage.


Free duplicate music remover - It is obvious that duplicate music files will also waste your harddrive space. To clean up duplicates among millions of music files, you should use a free dulicate music file remover to locate all duplicates, such as MP3, WAV, WMA,MIDI files (*.mid, *,midi, *.rmi, *.kar), OGG, FLAC, APE, MPC and VOX files. Computer users usually download many mp3 files from internet repeatedly but they don't realize the duplicated downloads will take a lot of spaces from their hard drives. You need clean duplicate files periodically, particaularly for thos identical mp3 files . A free duplicate mp3 remover program is very useful for you to eliminate these music or audio files that are same. It is smart to choose Duplicate Filter as the duplicate music remover freeware because it can really help find and remove music files that you don't need any longer.



Duplicate Filter is the best free duplicate file remover, which can greatly decrase many unwanted files that waste your hard disks. To free up disk space, please use this duplicate file freeware to remove file duplicates including photos, music, video, and so on.


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