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Free Software to Delete Unwanted Files -- Free Up Disk Space !

Duplicate Filter can instantly find large or duplicate files that occupy your disk space, then batch delete unnecessary files. Free up your disk space in seconds !

Download Duplicate FilterDownload Duplicate Filter to Increase Disk Space
Download Duplicate Filter
Permanent Freeware Available !
  • Find and delete up to 500 largest files in each folder

    Search biggest files on your computer, then remove useless big files that waste your disk space

  • Find and remove duplicates files

    Locate and batch remove duplicate files in your hard drives

  • Search big files by different file types

    Documents, pictures, music, video, compressed files, as well as any user-defined file type

  • Scan duplicates files by varying degree of similarity

    Check by CRC (same content), CRC+Name (exact), Name and Size, MP3 ID Tag, etc

Large Files
Screenshots (Large File Remover and Duplicate File Deleter)

Find Largest Files 3

Find and Remove Biggest Files

New keywords found

Find and Delete Duplicate Files

Find Largest Files 2

Statistics Charts in Large File Finder (Show after large file scan is finished. You can view the percentages of the size and number of the largest files)

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Statistics Charts in Duplicate File Finder (Show after duplicate file scan is finished. You can view the percentages of the size, type, and number of the duplicate files)

Find Largest Files 1

Preset file types for search: photos, images,music,video, pictures..... and user-defined type